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Central Money Exchange N.V.

Central Money Exchange, CME, is a (foreign exchange) company of the Yokohama Group of Companies.

This Group is active in car sales (Yokohama Trading N.V.), ICT programming (YSEC IT N.V.), fish export (Deep Sea Atlantic N.V.), betting (Suribetting N.V.), wood export (Green Wood World N.V.), civil engineering (Rocco Pallas N.V.), casino's (Pasha Global) and import (Promax Trading N.V.).

CME was founded in the year 2000 and is duly registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Suriname and under the regulatory monitoring of the Central Bank of Suriname.

CME cherishes social responsibility and transparency as fundamental assumptions and competitive rates, availability of currencies, accessibility for customers and good service as main objectives. Besides CME also Drive Thru Cambio is providing this service.

Good to Know

We operate and have business relationships in Japan, China, Trinidad & Tobago, India, Turkey, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Cyprus, Colombia, Curacao, Guyana and the United States. We show our social responsibility in each country in sports, culture, education and in situations of affliction and adversity.

Our innovative business management in Suriname resulted in high quality "HIGH TECH" export products and services for the several industries with tremendous added value. These top-quality products are easily getting footholds on the world market, surpassing other extremely competitive providers.

From the perspective of development and economical contribution, we are a group of companies that:

Invests, Creates work, Pay taxes, Innovate, Add value, Produces, Markets high-tech products and services, Works worldwide, and Promotes entertainment and tourism. The Group is aware of its social responsibility, especially in the framework of the development stage of Suriname, and the competitive globalizing world.